Drapetomania's Tale
CoCo Harris

"I always felt that if you work with the three temporalities --past, present, and future-- that you attempt to transcend time..."

"...but of course art has a great deal to do with imagining the unimaginable."


The Water Bringing Us, 2020, photographs on wood, resin, 36x9x1”

Upended Souls, 2020-21, photographs, paper, acrylic, plastic (Zulu Lulu), canvas, varnish, 36 x 48 x 2”

Don't Pity Lulu, 2021, wood, plastic “Zulu Lulu” drink stirrers, paper, glue, resin 9 x 12 x 3”
was the 'mental illness' that physicians coined to describe a condition that the enslaved suffered from for wanting to escape bondage.
Drapetomania's Tale
is a story of resistance and renewal. Based on actual historical events, this series interrogates American folklore of the Georgia Sea Islands in revisionist and curative frameworks
legend of Igbo Landing
After a ship of Igbo captives were brought from Nigeria to Georgia's shores, they revolted as they arrived and took to the water so as not to live enslaved in America chanting
The dozen or so Africans who marched back into the sea forever activated Igbo Landing as a metaphysical door of return and transcendence. Flight and freedom.
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part I: the water bringing us

The Water Bringing Us (series), 2022;  photographs, plastic “Zulu Lulu” (enslaved) drink stirrers, resin on wood

part II: igbo landing as portal

Igbo Landing as Portal (series), 2022, Acrylic, photographs, plastic “Zulu Lulu” (enslaved) drink stirrers, varnish on wood
Abstracted Sands of St Simons, 2022, photographs, wood and resin, 11x14x1.5"
Transitioning Georgia's Shores, 2023, mixed media on wood 2 x (6x12x1.5) & 8x10x1.25" (acrylic, broken blue glass, varnish/resin).

part III: liberating souls

Liberating Souls III, 2021, photographs, plastic “Zulu Lulu” drink stirrers, resin on wood; 18x12x1.5”

Today we can access the portal they created, and bear witness to the liberating magic sourced by the spiritual revolt of marching into the water.

A door was opened –and the sky’s the limit.


Georgia on MY Mind, 2023, mixed media on wood 24x24x2.5" (acrylic, cotton (confederate flag), mica crystal (shape of GA), cotton bolls, (plantation) rice, enslaved Zulu Lulu plastic drink stirrers, broken blue glass, varnish, epoxy).

Today’s Igbo Landing
Though it may be worth a thousand words,
there’s even more this picture does not tell you…
It does not tell you that it was taken on Memorial Day on St Simons Island, GA. 
It does not tell you that during (and well-after) slavery, this now-resort isle was once
populated by Black Bodies who cultivated the world’s most regarded strains of
cotton and rice
It does not tell you that black bodies are no longer prevalent on the island, or why
It does not tell you that black bodied brother Ahmed Aubrey was brutally gunned down in nearby Brunswick
It does not tell you of the nearby Igbo Landing site where newly imported enslaved captives
marched into the water, chanting, chained together…taking to the water rather than land as a slave…No. Not the proud, noble, dignified Igbo

Even if it shows you all that Black Joy,
It does not tell you that these are royal Igbo princesses who are forever connected to this land by way of their Georgia-born momma

CoCo Harris (c)2023, All Rights Reserved

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